Past, Present, & Future

As we inch closer to finishing our debut full-length album, I can’t help but think what a great success story this has been.   It really has.  Inevitably, I feel drawn towards the thought – what’s next for us?  But it’s the mystery that excites me, not necessarily the answer to the question.  And then I come back to the present… we’re making an album.  That, in and of itself, is a success.  It wasn’t easy getting here.

We hold January 18 as the unofficial birthday of the band.  On that day in 2007, Kevin Sanchez and I ran into each other and discussed the possibility of starting this project.  And now, after 5 years of writing music, playing the  same smokey bars over and over, tweaking our lineup, getting all our gear stolen, trials and tribulations, blah blah blah, all the standard stories that the archetypical rock band uses to justify their belief that guitar solos will one day save the world from war and poverty —  we finally have something tangible to show for it, we can finally cut the umbilical cord.  Cigars.  Hugs.  Pats on the back.  Handshakes.  Handjobs.  Good jobs.  Good lucks.

So what’s next?   I don’t know exactly.  I’m not sure if I care.  It seems distracting to focus my attention on some future fixed point along our timeline, a “goal,”  which may or may not ever arrive.  Goals, destinations, they can be motivational tools, sure.  For some more than others.  Maybe I’m one of the others.  I don’t find destinations as fulfilling as the road trip itself.  I like to stare intently out the windows, I like to pay attention.  Don’t wanna miss anything.  When I reach my destination, maybe then I can rest.  But I certainly can’t sleep through this.  Eye candy all around me, beckoning for my attention, the twists and turns, ups and downs, the unexpected, the unknown, the simple joy of surprise.  I digress…

Regardless of my personal take on the concept, it remains one of the copy-and-paste interview questions: What’s your goal?  Each one of us would probably say something along the lines of “being successful.”  But that’s kind of a shitty answer, because success is subjective.  More often than not people’s definition of success is relative to amount of things they can accumulate, from money, cars, and houses… to accolades, awards, and fame.  But I already have every thing I need.  In fact, I’m trying to get rid of shit.  It’s from this perspective that I can begin to see things a little more clearly, and the more shit I get rid of, the more clearly I can see.  At this moment, I feel like I have that clarity… to fully embrace and celebrate the great success story that is the band Dharmata.  And so, congratulations to my bandmates for creating and nurturing whatever this noise-making shit is that we do, because it’s taken us here, which is always the best place to be.

Jay Slim


2 thoughts on “Past, Present, & Future

  1. Way To Go Guys!!! We are beaming proud and there are so many surprises in store for you all!! Remember, Always stay true to yourselves!!! (and love your mothers) lol 2012 is going to be a wild ride!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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